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Brand Identity and Logos

Transform your brand identity. Transform your business.

Having a strong brand identity and logo design plays an essential role in engaging your target audience and turning them into customers, fans and brand evangelists. Your company’s brand identity and logo design should be memorable and lasting, attractive and relatable to your customer base. Most importantly, it’s fundamental to consumer recognition and differentiates you from the competition.

A brand identity is more than just a logo.

It is the living, breathing embodiment of who your company is and what it represents. It sets the stage for the overall customer experience and your promise to consumers.

How do we create a memorable brand identity?

We look to you, the client, for inspiration, as it is your unique story that will attract and engage consumers in the long run. We translate your vision and passion into a distinctive brand with engaging messages and stories that capture the attention of consumers and create a sense of curiosity to want to learn more.  That’s where Fab Brands shines.

We find the nuggets – the gold threads in your journey – and spin them into a tale that pays tribute to all that you have brought to the business and to where it will someday grow. Presenting your business, your story, in an authentic way helps create the synergy that builds a brand identity that will attract your tribe.

We are master storytellers. Allow us to tell your story in the way only we can.

Here are a few examples of logos designed by the Fab Brands team:


Building a strong brand identity you can be proud of.

We help you create an identity that will be memorable and attractive to consumers, communicates your core offerings and values and will be a driving force in the success of your business.

The example to the left shows a complete brand identity that we created for illume Property Management. The owner wanted the brand to be modern in design and represent their commitment to transparency. This brand package included: logo design in several file types, business card, rack card, letterhead, #10 envelope, note cards and matching envelopes, PowerPoint slide templates, social media cover photos and profile images, and style guide.

Your brand elements can include:

Name of your company, product or service

Logo: The visual trademark that identifies the brand

Tagline or Catchphrase: “Just Do it” is Nike’s tagline, while “Don’t leave home without it” is American Express’ famous catchphrase.

Graphics: A consistent graphic treatment, such as the Swoosh, which is a trademarked part of the Nike brand.

Shapes: The distinctive shapes of the Coca-Cola bottle and of the Volkswagen Beetle are trademarked elements of those brands.

Colors: UPS is famous for their brown color scheme, while McDonald’s is known the world over for it’s golden arches.

Sounds: A unique tune or set of notes can denote a brand.

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What do you want your company to be known for?

Do you need a logo for your business? Call on the experts at Fab Brands.

A strong and memorable brand identity that resonates with your core audience is critical to your success. We help organizations like yours translate your vision and passion into a beautifully-designed brand identity that you can be proud of.