Copywriting and Content Marketing Services


Great Content (or copy) will Enchant, Convince and Convert.

Effective copywriting, whether it be for traditional or digital marketing channels, should grab people’s attention and capture their imagination, bringing a product or service to life. That’s what Fab Brands does for our clients — we use the written word to entice, inform, educate, romance and convert to accomplish your marketing goals.

When showcasing a product or service, we make sure the copy is packed full-to-the-brim with customer benefit-driven information that demonstrates how the product solves a problem or serves a need. Our goal is to provide the prospect with all the information they need to make the purchase decision.

Content marketing for increased visibility and web traffic.

Quality content is at the heart of a successful integrated marketing presence, and it’s one of the key ways Fab Brands helps our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.

While some may have thought the value of the written word has gone by the wayside, its importance is even greater in this digital age. Think of all the places throughout the internet that the written word represents your company, brand identity and promise to your customer base: status updates, YouTube videos, blogs, profile pages, reviews and websites.

As you can see, the mighty pen still wields considerable power and plays a major role in where your website ends up on search engines. Consequently, interesting content that has been optimized with keywords to attract search engines is worth its weight in gold.

A blog can be a really effective marketing tool for your business. It creates more content for your website, can increase brand loyalty, grow your fan base and help establish you as an industry authority. But, the content HAS to be interesting, informative and up-to-the-minute fresh with the latest facts and figures if you’re going to squeeze any results out of it.

How much thought have you put into your marketing content and its role in your overall marketing strategy? Is it used with purpose to drive sales?

Ask for the sale with a call to action.

An important component of any advertising campaign is the call to action. It’s just as imperative to ask for the sale and create a sense of urgency to get the potential customer to act on it. We call this “persuasive copywriting,” and it’s all about creating a beautiful story, touching on the customer’s likely “pain points” and showing how your product or service solves that problem. That’s exactly what we do for you at Fab Brands. The meaning behind your message is just as critical as a visually appealing look.

Quality content marketing is at the heart of an integrated, targeted approach to your marketing campaign.

Fab Brands offers a wide variety of copywriting services: web content development, retail and advertising copy, search engine optimized copywriting, and internal and external corporate communications. We excel at creating engaging copy to effectively sell a service or product for a wide variety of audiences and media venues.