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Wine Club Event Email

This is an example of a template for a wine club email. Highlights of this layout include:

  • Two ticket reservation links -- one at the top and another near the bottom of the email announcement.
  • Copy section that describes the event particulars.
  • Event date and hours call-out box.
Email Marketing: ComputerDiva

Email Marketing: ComputerDiva

People receive numerous emails, so the trick to getting them to read yours is to 1) Offering interesting content of value and 2) Tell them upfront about the content so they can decide if there is something of interest to them that they want to read, before just clicking off. This email features a list of the email topics at the top with a link to click directly to the items of most interest.

Winery email marketing

Email Marketing: Blakeslee Vineyard Estate

This email layout received high open and readership rates because it quickly identified the content by stating that it was "News from the Vineyard." It also creates a sense of urgency by identifying the featured wine as a "New Release" with "Limited Availability."

VX Vineyard Email

Email Marketing: VX Vineyard

Including links at the top of your email template is an effective strategy to make it easy for your readers to click over to your website to view products for sale and upcoming events. The social media links make it simple for the reader to join you on your social media channels where you can interact with them on a more regular basis.