HootSuite Helps Optimize Social Media Posting Times

Social Media FAB Marketing ServicesBoost effectiveness and results of your posts with HootSuite’s AutoSchedule.

HootSuite, a social media dashboard that allows you to manage multiple networks and profiles at once, has added a nifty AutoSchedule function. This new addition is sure to make life easier for busy professionals who promote, communicate and connect through social media.

You upload your posts as usual and when selecting the AutoSchedule option, HootSuite pushes out your message when it determines it to be the optimal posting times for your favorite social media networks — thus enabling you to maximize reach without swamping your followers.

So, rather than trying to figure out (i.e. guess) when’s the best time to post your message, you can leave it to the experts that have the data at their social media fingertips.

Whether the new AutoSchedule feature truly improves results is yet to be seen by this poster, but it does sound promising. Give it a try and let us know if your social media responses have increased as a result!

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