FAB SEO: Three Must-Do Search Tips for your Website

Get your Website Ranking Higher with these Three Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips.

Search Engine Optimization for businessOrganic or “natural” search is your friend.

With 70% of all links that search users click on being organic and not paid — its critical that businesses optimize their website for organic search marketing if they want to get their fair share of visibility in the marketplace.

Web users are savvy and know that that those top links are paid and not earned. (Sort of like sleeping your way to the top.) The results that have the most credibility and industry authority with consumers are the ones that have earned their way to the top of search naturally. If you want to be seen as a worthy contender in your industry, ranking in search is a given. (Now, if you’re a latecomer in a really competitive industry, then paid is a necessary strategy. That’s a whole other conversation for another day.)

SEO Marketing Tips

Three must-do organic search engine optimization tips for your business website:

1. Do your keyword research. Keep in mind: What are your target audiences’ interests and likes? What phrases would they use to find your product or service? Allow this information to influence your keyword choices. Click here to read a great article on Google’s keyword research tool. Keyword research can make or break your website’s search rankings however, so you may want to consult with a marketing expert if this is new to you.

2. Write for your audience first — then for the search engines. You need to provide a quality reader experience to keep them on your website before you can make that conversion. Maintain reader value; keywords should not be obvious. Content should be natural and persuasive. Write from the perspective of “What problem is the reader coming to my website to solve?” Not “What do I want them to know about my business?” You’ll close far more sales by positioning yourself as the problem solver and solution provider.

3. Write for people who are skimmers and scanners. Include paragraph headings, keyword rich links, bullet points, bold text, and good internal linking within your content. i.e “Click here to download the white paper.” Don’t just say ”click here.

These are just few organic search engine optimization tips to get you started on earning better results for your website. Stay tuned for more!

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