Website: Before & After VX Vineyard

Breathing New Life into VX Vineyard’s Website

A website is a valuable investment in your business and should be an active contributor toward your business growth and sales.

Providing you, the client, with an attractive website that will deliver results requires a comprehensive approach to design, content strategy and search engine optimization. All of these assets must work as a cohesive unit in order to do what a website should do under the best of circumstances — attract, enchant, convince and convert leads!

Below you’ll see screen shots of the VX Vineyard website before the redesign and after. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Or, in this case, it could be representing thousands of dollars in lost revenue from an ineffective website design.


The photography is stunning, but can you tell instantly that this is a website for a winery? The eye naturally travels from left to right, so the beautiful large tree on the left is what makes the first mental imprint with the visitor. The website is easy to navigate, but does the design and content strategy provide a compelling reason to dive further in? Not really. An updated design, with a thoughtful content and engagement strategy is needed to provide VX Vineyard with a website that serves as an active member of the “sales team” 24/7.

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The elegant new design features three rotating photos, each beautifully communicating a different aspect of the VX Vineyard experience. Multiple content strategies invite the reader further into the website and to engage with the brand through social media. Click here to view the LIVE website.

The end result was an eye-catching new website for VX Vineyard that is more engaging — inviting visitors to explore further into the website, while also helping the small winery stand taller in search engine results.