Does Your Website Make a Good First Impression?

Website design study says: 2.6 seconds to make a first impression. Better make it a good one!

How long does does a website have to make a first impression? Just 2.6 seconds according to a website design study on eye tracking conducted by researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology. They used software that tracked the movement of the eye and measured how long it rested on different areas of a website.

In that 2.6 seconds, the design elements need to attract the eye long enough to engage the brain and trigger a response to the content message. If you get a positive response, that means that your content has connected with the visitor and engaged them enough to give you a chance to captivate and convince.

There are three important elements to an effective landing page:

• Eye candy – Capture their attention quickly with relevant visuals

• Be obvious – Clearly show what product or service you provide at a glance. Don’t make the visitor guess what you can do for them.

• Use a customer benefit driven content strategy – Don’t make your website content all about you. Seriously, they don’t care. The web visitor is there because they have a need or problem and want to find a solution. Your job is to explain how you are the best company to provide that solution.

If this has piqued you interest, come talk with FAB Marketing Group to learn how we can develop a comprehensive design and content strategy that will help your business make a great first impression!


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